Pngme’s user-permissioned financial data platform helps lenders in emerging markets scale by reducing risk and lowering the cost of capital for borrowers.

You can think of Pngme like the Credit Karma for borrowers and Plaid for lenders in emerging markets; we give borrowers a seamless mobile experience through which they can aggregate their financial history, obtain a digital credit score, and access low-cost credit from a range of lenders.

Using the Pngme platform, lenders can underwrite, issue, and manage loans while giving the borrower a seamless, mobile lending experience through which they can submit their financial data and apply for a loan. The Pngme platform allows users to grant permission for lenders access to their financial data, thereby increasing transparency and risk information sharing between lenders which reduces information asymmetry and high risk premiums for borrowers.

On a mission to close the $5.2 trillion finance gap affecting 200 million MSMEs globally, Pngme has built a lending platform that solves for three critical limitations of current solutions: credit risk assessment, data aggregation, and cost-effective access to borrowers.

The platform enables risk-aware lending at scale and multi-party data sharing that is permissioned by the user. This furthers economic growth in emerging economies by increased and responsible access to capital.

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