We’re an international marketplace scale-up, changing the game in live music, youth culture and travel.

Our marketplace continues to grow rapidly on both sides of the Atlantic with a unique membership model, featuring experiences that range from nightlife to the world’s best music festivals to travel experiences in Ibiza, Cabo San Lucas and Breckinridge. Following several successful acquisitions in the travel space, we are already the market leader across North America, which has allowed us to tap into an increasingly larger share of a $12 billion market.

With 35,000 active ambassadors globally, we have already mastered our craft as the world leader in word-of-mouth sales and & marketing. Our white label solution enables festival and concert giants such as Live Nation and Universal Music group, to revolutionise fan interaction, creating a closer bond, and converting their fans into their strongest sales channel.

Having raised $100M to date, we’re scaling quickly and boast very high talent satisfaction scores (average survey responses are 9/10) which we put down to our innovative culture focused entirely on self development and empowering you to work in a way that enables you to deliver the best results. Choose your own hours, how much holiday you need and what meetings you attend.

We also invest heavily in coaching with a focus on both individual growth and self awareness as a way of creating high performing teams. With well-established bases in London, Wroclaw and LA, we have spread across North America, with offices in Las Vegas, Toronto, San Clemente and Miami.

Essentially, we are a rocket-ship taking off!

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