Backend Engineer

Spin App - permanent

United States

24 Jul

Open to all applicants globally!

We need backend engineers with proven experience in Rails. In particular, we need self-managed people who can run with a new code base without a lot of hand holding. We’re in the process of a big refactor/cleanup while also delivering features, so you should expect and relish this kind of work.

You’ll be taking on the challenge of designing and maintaining a fault tolerant system that handles thousands of connected IoT devices and mobile apps, driving a fleet of scooters across the United States.

Our stack is primarily Ruby (Rails, Grape, RSpec), Go, Javascript (React Native), RDS, PostgreSQL and Redis. We’re currently hosted on Heroku and AWS, though we are constantly evaluating hosting options as we scale.

The Team

We’re seasoned engineers who’ve worked in a variety of languages, companies and development workflows. While we’re all polyglots, we have a long love affair with Rails. We own our and deploy our code. We’re concerned about code clarity and communication, as we feel it’s the best measure of quality.

We promote being a more well rounded engineer by working on different parts of the engineering stack. We also work in small groups to keep processes and overhead low, so we have a lot of trust and accountability to perform the work required to build the best product. We’re still working out the best processes for our team to thrive.


  • Collaborate with other teams to build and support server-side logic and interfaces that power our product and features
  • Write backend services and APIs
  • Build for scale, availability, performance and security across the stack
  • Extend our public API so developers and partners can take advantage of our platform
  • Deliver quality software through comprehensive code reviews and automated testing
  • Push your team forward onto the latest and greatest, be it engineering practices, libraries, tools or products


  • Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in backend development (Ruby on Rails, Go)
  • You have worked with a team of people to build an entire product end-to-end
  • You understand relational database systems and schema design
  • You have created and supported APIs
  • You have experience with how systems work at scale

Salary and Perks

  • Opportunity to join a fast-growing startup and help shape and establish the company’s industry leadership
  • Competitive health benefits
  • Unlimited PTO for salaried roles
  • Monthly commuter stipend plus pre-tax benefits
  • Monthly cell phone bill stipend
Ruby on Rails

About Spin App

Spin operates electric scooters in cities and campuses nationwide, bringing sustainable last-mile mobility solutions to diverse communities. Recognized for its consistent cooperation and collaboration with cities, Spin partners closely with transportation planners, elected officials, community groups, and university administrators to bring stationless mobility options to streets in a responsible and carefully orchestrated manner.

Based in San Francisco, Spin is a diverse team of engineers, designers, urban planners, policymakers, lawyers and operators with experience from Y Combinator, Lyft, Uber, local and federal government, and the transportation advocacy world. Spin was known for launching the first stationless mobility program in Seattle, and has since expanded to become the exclusive electric scooter partner in mid-sized cities like Coral Gables, Florida and Lexington, Kentucky, and one of a few permitted scooter operators in large cities like Denver, Detroit, and Washington, D.C. The team embeds in cities and neighborhoods to understand their specific transportation needs, and hires locally from the community.

Spin is expanding quickly and looking for top-tier talent to help us bring affordable and accessible transportation options to cities and define what future safe streets will look like.


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