Full Stack Developer

Adioma - permanent


03 Jan

Open to all applicants globally!

We are looking for the person who will help us build the next generation of Adioma’s information graphics editor. The editor is a single page web app (SPA) built with React.js.

The full-stack developer’s main task will be the implementation of new features by writing code and tests for the editor, both front-end and back-end part. This will include building the editor interface as well as management of documents, graphic assets, and users on server. You will have an opportunity to participate in research and development of the new version of the product, designing architecture from scratch, applying latest web technologies and standards.

You should be familiar with functional programming. Experience with OCaml, ReasonML, Scala, or Haskel is a big plus.

This position requires a good understanding of server technology stack and modern web frameworks (experience with LAMP, Node.JS, Django, Laravel is a big plus). If you feel you are stronger in building interfaces, please consider our front-end developer position.


  • Write clean reusable code
  • Learn and work independently
  • Know about user needs and work flow scenarios



  • Strong JavaScript, React.JS
  • Knowledge of functional programming
  • Solid understanding of vector graphics on the web (SVG, canvas)
  • Experience building web app server using modern web frameworks
  • Experience with MongoDB, Redis, MySQL
  • HTML5, CSS

Other preferred skills

  • Experience building interactive applications, CAD systems, computer games
  • State management in large-scale SPA applications (Redux, Flux)
  • Experience with data visualization libraries is a plus (D3, HighCharts)
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Experience with administration of a live production app (Unix/Linux)

Salary and Perks

Remote working


About Adioma

We are a small creative team who run a web-based infographic tool. Our users are teachers, students, writers, and anyone who does presentations. The graphics are used on the web, in presentation slides, and in print.

We strive towards high standards in information design by creating high quality tools, assets, and following best practices. Our infographics have frequently appeared in top magazines such as Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, and Inc. Magazine.


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