Bleeper allows founders and startups to engage with existing and potential customers through a variety of different channels such as live chat, social media and a team inbox.

Bleeper has been tailored specifically for startups. In other words, every feature and pricing plan of our product has been meticulously developed so that startups and founders can gain the most value out of using Bleeper.

At the moment, Bleeper's founder, Nick, is currently running both the Product Manager and Product Marketing roles and is looking to bring on a Product Marketer to take over the marketing side so that Nick can focus on the Product Management side. The Product Marketer will work very closely with Nick in order to ensure that Bleeper is built to address the problems our specific customers have.

We are looking to change the way people interact with traditional support channels such as live chat and support desks. We are currently self-funded and have 60 000 active users. Our focus has always, and will always be on the customer. We strive to fully understand our customers in order to push the boundaries of what can be done in an over-competitive industry. 

Join us on our exciting journey!

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