Blender Market

Blender Market

The Blender Market is the only marketplace dedicated to Blender artists and developers, enabling creators to sell add-ons, shaders, models, and other assets for Blender, the open source 3D animation suite. 

The Blender Market was started and is run by CG Cookie, a 3D Animation and Game Development training company that's been making video training more fun since 2010. 

We are a small and fully remote team of creative and independent people that prefer slow and steady, sustainable to explosive, calm to chaos, fairness to winning, autonomy to dependence. As a team, we're made up of runners and rock climbers, cyclists and bikers, artists and programmers, explorers and painters, bakers and brewers. 

It is not our aim to be the next unicorn or tech star; we're here to make a meaningful impact on our team's and customer's lives. 

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