Enabling digital transformation in organisations that deliver social good.

We like to build stuff

Sometimes complicated stuff

For people who like to make a difference

Compucorp has been around a while, originally founded in 1977, (hence the '70's name!). In 2010 we rebooted to focus on how we can use open source to make a real difference in people lives.

Now, 7 years into our mission we've seen first-hand how open source has grown in terms of adoptions, public perception and impact; and we've grown too.

For us its all about helping our clients do more with their online presence. We go deeper than most agencies, into the back office to really understand how your organisation works. Together, we rebuild your processes and integrate them with your digital platform so you can give a seamless supporter or client experience.

We're passionate about the platforms we work with and the communities which we are part of. If you have the same passion for what you do then we'd love to hear from you.

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