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Learning Equality


Learning Equality is committed to enabling every person in the world to realize their right to a quality education. We support the creation, adaptation and distribution of open educational resources, and create supportive tools for innovative pedagogy for low-resource and offline contexts, taking advantage of existing infrastructure or low-cost and low-power hardware solutions.

Our current product, Kolibri, is an open-source educational platform designed to provide offline access to a curated and openly licensed content library with pedagogical support tools for use in low-resource and low-connectivity contexts. Kolibri builds on lessons and feedback from its predecessor platform, KA Lite, which brought Khan Academy content offline and has reached more than 5 million people globally in 200 countries and territories, in contexts as varied as formal schools in India, orphanages in Cameroon, prisons across the United States, refugee camps in Kenya, and First Nations community centers in northern Canada.

The Kolibri ecosystem encompasses a set of interacting products, and has an architecture designed to easily integrate a wide variety of digital innovations and make them accessible to audiences they may not ordinarily reach. Our current products are: (1) the offline, lightweight Kolibri application; (2) the web-based Kolibri Studio curriculum management tool; and (3) Kolibri Toolkit, a customizable set of pedagogical and technical guidance resources to support a do-it-yourself implementation model for incorporating Kolibri into effective learning environments.

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