Hi there, I’m Eytan, Head of Talent at Mixtiles. Three years ago I started Mixtiles together with David, my business partner and best friend. Since then, we’ve seen tremendous growth: more than three million Mixtiles are now on walls all over the world. Our revenue has exceeded tens of millions of dollars. We have five factories, and our team is 35 people and counting, with our customer service team employing 15 people across three continents.

We’re just getting started. After all, people love putting photos on walls – they’ve been doing it since the days of cave paintings. Mixtiles offers unprecedented simplicity in both the app and the physical product. Our NPS score is 92. And not only that, but we’re also the most affordable option by a factor of 3 compared to mass market competitors. So many people have phones and walls, and so many people want beautiful walls full of their best memories.

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