The "un"edtech company. Start with an instructional initiative and then use Otus to support your efforts.

The seemingly endless number of EdTech solutions on the market are making the lives of educators, students, and parents more chaotic.

And, while over 93% of teachers are using technology, more than 2/3rds of them are unsatisfied with the effectiveness of their tools.

Meanwhile, school administrators have limited visibility into the student performance data being gathered by these tools and are unable to make timely evidence-based decisions.

Otus brings the entire school community together on a common technology platform reducing the number of disconnected solutions educators use while providing actionable insight to school leaders.

Teachers have a single place to access all the learning, classroom and data tools they need, school leaders see a clearer picture of student performance, students stay organized, and parents become more connected.

When classroom tools and learning data are centralized, students can be supported like never before.

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