Pathable Inc

Pathable Inc

Pathable provides community and social networking tools for conferences and events.

Pathable ( is an easy-to-use, private on-line community / directory for events plus on-site networking tools that helps attendees meet and helps sponsors reach attendees in a targeted, non-intrusive way. Attendees and sponsors create short profiles, then use the system to see who else is coming and to start conversations with them, pre-networking before the conference begins.

Pathable offers:

  • On-line directory / community with attendee profiles, photos, interests and bios, plus messaging tools that allow attendees to establish relationships and exchange tips with other attendees (while maintaining their privacy)
  • Pathable's unique set of discussion tools help get conversations started and keep them going by connecting people with common interests.
  • Scheduling features so attendees can keep a calendar for the event and communicate with others at the same talks
  • Mobile web app that allows access to bios, photos, groups, discussions and calendar from all modern mobile devices
  • Pathable compares LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter contacts to the community membership so attendees know "who you know" that will be there, while separate profiles allow attendees to present their professionally relevant information only. Great sharing tools help enlist attendees as a viral marketing team.
  • Exhibitors and sponsors customize their own "virtual tradeshow booth" including interactive tradeshow floor map and on-line booking system. Sponsors and exhibitors get a dialogue with attendees, not just logo placement. Sponsorship and exhibitor packages are yours to resell as you see fit.
  • The easy-to-use administrative dashboard puts event hosts in control of their event, allowing complete control of every aspect of the community. Monitor the event community's activity and health with up-to-the-minute metrics. Compelling reports helps easily explain the ROI.

Pathable offers a white label service, with your banner, branding, and URL and can be integrated into your existing workflow and site. Host tools let you target messages and invitations and monitor the health of the community.

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