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Power to Fly


We are an entirely distributed team. Our bar for geography is none. But our bar for talent is very high.
We work in sprints with coordinated team efforts. We use JIRA and support each other in all tasks.
If you don’t want to be tied to an office chair and like the idea of being able to work from any place, we embrace digital nomads. No matter where, when or how long you work on something, the key requirement is to deliver!

Founded in 2014 by Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleski, PowerToFly is building the platform to propel diversity recruiting and hiring across Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing startups. Our optimized search and sourcing tools, targeted job promotions, and high visibility employer branding services reduce the time to hire hard to reach talent pools of underrepresented female engineers at a centralized and lower cost. Through the platform, companies gain full access to actively and passively build a pipeline of vetted women in tech and across digital.

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