Technology that fights recidivism, incarceration and addiction.

Reconnect is a platform that leverages software, hardware, and data to improve outcomes and provide ongoing support during pretrial, reentry, and recovery.

We’ve reimagined monitoring and communication for pretrial, probation and parole from the ground up, working closely with agency partners from California to Maine. What does this mean? Lower costs, more humane hardware, better connections with defendants, and lower recidivism.

Reconnect is a Public Benefit Company (PBC). This means that we put our mission into every decision we make as a company. Our mission is to have a positive impact on those who face addiction and who struggle within the criminal justice system, where we will promote the reduction of incarceration, the reduction of recidivism, and the reduction of costs, especially where those costs are borne by defendants in the system.

We’re here to help, not to saddle the most vulnerable members of society with untenable costs. We are using technology to restore communities and move forward together.

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