Design Lead

Prisma - permanent

United States

16 Nov

Open to all applicants globally!

We are building the data layer for modern applications. Companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook have entire teams dedicated to making their own data accessible to their developers. We think that everyone should have that kind of tooling.

Prisma’s mission is to take the pain out of data for developers and businesses. We are designing the right abstractions to help our users build data-intensive applications. They have a stressful and dangerous job, no guidebook for how to make their apps scale, and very little in the way of delightful tooling.

This is where you come in.

We’re a small and dedicated team, with ample funding, mostly in Berlin. We’re working on a legitimately Big Idea that isn’t easy to communicate! We have design needs across all aspects of our work whether it’s the user interfaces in our products, our public-facing web properties, or our marketing and community events. We’re looking for a designer who wants to help us lay the right foundations for all of these, and is excited to help us craft a uniquely “Prisma” design language that is expressive across both our product and our marketing domains.

You Will

  • Work closely with our product team and engineers to plan and execute designs for our user interfaces.
  • Collaborate with our community and developer success teams to create visual content for our outreach efforts.
  • Help our leadership refine and iterate on the design of our public messaging. How content is structured affects what we can express.
  • Figure out how to enable others at Prisma to create content that adheres to our design language. Component design systems, style guides, templates, libraries go hog wild.
  • Enjoy a culture of design-positive, constructive thinking and collaboration.
  • Be our sole designer at first! Depending on your level of experience, you can help us grow and lead our nascent design team. If you haven’t done so before, we’ll be excited to help you grow in your career, and give you opportunity to flex those leadership skills.


It is the rare designer who can do everything. This isn’t a list of hard requirements. Please apply even if some of these don’t sound like you!

  • See the impact of design in everything whether it’s a website or a command-line interface.
  • Have experience designing for developer-focused products.
  • Believe that there’s a latent designer in everyone, and think you can bring it out in others.
  • Love systematic design thinking, and love to extract patterns.
  • Know that great experiences are full of tradeoffs, and that success is an iterative process.
  • Have good taste when it comes to balancing between great design and shipping the good-enough.
  • Enjoy roles where you are enabled to have an impact but have the freedom to determine how to accomplish things.
  • Bonus points if you have some understanding of what engineers do, or can code yourself it won’t be your job, but it will make you stand out to us!

Salary and Perks

Remote working and competitive salary.

About Prisma

At Prisma we are building the data layer for modern applications.

With $4.5M in funding from top-tier SV investor Kleiner Perkins we are a small and dedicated team in Berlin working on making advanced data infrastructure developed at large tech companies accessible to all developers around the world.

Prisma was founded in 2016 and has offices in Berlin and San Francisco.


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