Front-End Engineer

Fully Remote

Only accepting applications from: United States

At Wellthy, we dream of the day when taking care of the sick and the elderly becomes seamlessly human and tech powered. Wellthy is evolving the way we take care of each other by building a better healthcare experience for people with complex, chronic, and aging concerns.

As a front-end engineer, you will have a large impact on the product. Joining us at this stage will offer you the opportunity to grow with the company.

You will report to the CTO and partner closely with the rest of our product team to help scope and run full projects to deliver new features for the Wellthy platform.

You will drive the following efforts:

  • Help migrate our front-end to a React-based SPA
  • Play a key role in introducing new product features that positively impact family caregivers and help improve the efficiency of our care coordination team
  • See your code go into production on a daily basis
  • Make a strong contribution to the company culture as we continue to grow


  • You are a front-end developer with at least 5 years of relevant experience who has helped build out React-based front-ends for multiple large scale projects.
  • Ideally, you have experience working with Relay and GraphQL APIs.
  • While you prefer working on the front-end, you have some exposure to and understanding of the back-end.
  • Like everyone, you have your favorite technologies but you’re not dogmatic about them. In fact, you enjoy learning new technologies on a regular basis.
  • You derive satisfaction not just from clean code and creative solutions but from producing a genuinely useful product that improves the lives of others.
  • You’re proud of the code you write, and more importantly, the products you create.
  • You are comfortable running with a project on your own but enjoy collaborating with talented and thoughtful colleagues.
  • You realize life is short and that what you build and who you build it with matters.

Salary and Perks

  • Remote work
  • Competitive salary

About Wellthy

Wellthy is a caregiving concierge service for families with complex, chronic and ongoing care needs.

Wellthy is a healthcare concierge service. We use dedicated care coordinators and our seamless technology platform to project manage healthcare for families with sick and aging loved ones.

Wellthy takes the pain out of healthcare – scheduling appointments, finding the right specialists, researching treatment options, managing insurance, organizing records, communicating with family members and much more. For employers, Wellthy promises to reach, support, and improve productivity of caregiving employees.

Wellthy is a caregiving concierge service for families with complex, chronic and ongoing care needs.

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