Full Stack Developer (cash + stock options of Silicon Valley company)

Rockery - permanent

United States

09 Jul

Open to all applicants globally!


• Develop Android and iOS apps 

• Develop the back end for such apps 

• Work closely with the CEO to keep always the strategy in mind


• Strive for perfection 

• Being the first fully-remote member of the team


Experience developing for Android and iOS apps.

Salary and Perks

Compensation: USD $50000 to 75000/year

Team culture

• James Wicker, the CTO of Rockery and the leader for this role, is a former iOS developer, product manager, and tech lead at Twitter. 

• Some members of the team are in Walnut Creek (in Silicon Valley) 

• Some members are remote and travel between Silicon Valley and Latin America.


About Rockery

Rockery. We move. You build. Getting construction aggregates is a pain. We know, and that's why we created Rockery, your one-stop shop for getting your building materials on time, every time. Order from our app and get the best prices with FREE delivery. Most orders are deliverable within three hours or less. No need to fill up a truck, we charge the same price per ton for loads of any size.


We will check the Bios created through this link http://bit.ly/2XvWRd6 and contact the top candidates to continue the process.

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