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Meet Edgar - permanent

United States

20 Dec

Applicants must reside in: Canada, United States

We’re a self-funded SaaS company with a dozen employees, half a dozen dogs, 5000 customers, and a new social media update sent out every 15 seconds.

We're looking for a full stack developer to help build and maintain our social media management tool, Edgar. If you want to help us help small businesses succeed beyond their wildest dreams by banishing social media busywork forever, keep reading!

About the job

You’ll be working on big, exciting projects like optimizing our social media post queueing system, building out UI components using React, adding support for social media platform-specific features like native video, and getting our onboarding juuuust right so that every user has a mind-blowing experience from their very first login.

Today Edgar is built with Rails, Postgres, and React. We do our best to write solid, well-tested code and we keep an eye out for new technologies that improve our development experience.

You’ll be joining our small Product & Engineering team, working daily with:

  • Chad, Engineering Director
  • Kevin, Product Director
  • Yuta, Senior Full-Stack Developer, who also serves as our Lead Architect
  • Sarah, Usability Project Manager, who also serves as our dedicated QA

And you’ll also be frequently working alongside Kristina and Megan on our Customer Experience team.

**Spoiler alert** Take a sneak peek at this position's current "Work Agreement" here: https://ed.gr/fsdev

(We write these up with every employee at MeetEdgar and update them at least once a year to make sure we're all on the same page about how we're being evaluated and what types of expectations surround our roles.)

Our Dev process

We have code reviews and like to pair program when it makes sense. We love solid tests and continuous integration, and we deploy several times a week. We’ve worked hard to create our version of an ideal developer environment.

Working with us, you can expect low overheads, support and camaraderie when you need it + minimal interruptions the rest of the time with no arbitrary deadlines or strict release cycles.

Developers at MeetEdgar have a huge impact on the product and a lot of autonomy when it comes to technical decisions and helping our team get it right for our users. You’ll have final responsibility for the solutions you build, from discussing feasibility with the product designer all the way through to deployment, so your teammates know exactly who to shower with praise when you ship to production.

We also set aside opportunities from time to time for everybody to pursue their own creative ideas from start to finish in company hack weeks and to learn from one another during opt-in activities like lightning lunches and demos of work happening in other departments.

We have a strong interest in actively improving our work environment, and at MeetEdgar you can expect your voice to be heard.


Your experience should include . . .

✅ A history of professional experience as part of a software development team

✅ Delivering code that not only works but is well-tested, well-reasoned, and well-documented as needed

✅ Modern JS development experience with React and Redux (or similar)

✅ You've solved common problems like authentication, payment, asynchronous processing, and scheduling

✅ You have been celebrated for your communication skills and commitment to working as part of a team trying to build something together!

✅ You've worked to improve the dev process in previous roles and recognize the value of maintaining and contributing to an awesome company culture

Some logistical notes about the job . . .

  • This is a full-time position with 40 hour work weeks (we're super committed to adhering to those 40 hours... emergency situations that require additional time or off-hours are very rare here!)
  • We're remote, but we work synchronously. We keep to normal, regular business hours in North American time zones. (No burning the midnight oil!)

Salary and Perks

  • Work from home (or wherever there’s strong wifi)
  • 4 weeks paid vacation (Shazam! And yes, everyone actually uses all 4 weeks)
  • Monthly cleaning service for your home - not that we don't have total faith in you
  • Paid home Internet service
  • Coworking space/coffee shop working expenses
  • Health, dental, and vision coverage for you and your fam
  • 401(k) plan with employer match
  • An extra paid day off per quarter so you can volunteer in your community (awww)
  • New Mac laptop (#blessed)
  • Books, conferences, and other educational resources to help you be even more amazing at what you do!
  • TSA pre-check to make getting to retreats and conferences a breeze (optional)
Ruby on Rails

About Meet Edgar

MeetEdgar automates how you promote your business and content on social media.

Edgar is a social media scheduling tool like no other. Instead of publishing your updates just once and throwing them away like yesterday's rubbish, he carefully catalogues them in a library that you build over time. All of your updates are sorted into categories you create and published on a schedule that you choose, so Edgar publishes what you want, when you want it. No manual scheduling, no busywork, and no hassle.

Edgar eliminates the tedious busywork of always writing and re-writing social media updates, so you can break the cycle of writing and posting new updates every day and spend more of your time on social media interacting directly with your audience in real time.


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