Senior Mobile Engineer

Meetup - permanent

United States

13 Apr

Applicants must reside in: Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States

There are plenty of places to go in tech and build an app, but there are few, rare places where that app is designed for people to put their phones down and actually connect. That place is Meetup!

Every month, around 2.6 million people actively use our mobile apps to meet in real life. We have native apps using the latest version of Swift, Java, and Kotlin, and embracing Flat and Material Design conventions. Motivated by a mobile-first practice, we're ready to reshape and rebuild a mobile world where people can connect with other humans with shared goals, interests, and activities. 


We're hiring for Staff and Senior level Android and iOS Engineers.

Salary and Perks

What is it like to be an engineer at Meetup? 

We have full support for local and distributed teams. If you're in the NYC area, come by and take a tour of Meetup HQ to meet with some of our engineers or feel free to hop on a call with our team to learn more about remote opportunities! Our team is bold, supportive, and passionate. We care about moving quickly, real-world change, and building diverse, dynamic teams. From hackathons, Meetup events, partnering with WeWork, internationalization and localization, and more, our engineering culture doesn't have room for egos --  we fail-fast, we learn, and we strive to change and improve Meetup for our users around the world. 


About Meetup

Getting together with real people in real life makes powerful things happen. Side hustles become careers, ideas become movements, and chance encounters become lifelong connections. Meetup brings people together to create thriving communities. Show up. Change lives.

To continue to help these tight-knit communities grow -- and to help new ones form -- we are rapidly growing our teams to maximize our impact on lives. We're ready to reshape and rebuild Meetup for the mobile, global future, and to craft experiences that echo the amazing feeling of going to a great Meetup event in real life.

Our team is bold, supportive, and passionate about bringing people together in real life to create community for everyone. We care about moving fast, real-world change, and building diverse, dynamic teams. You in?


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