Senior Shopify Developer

Fully Remote

Open to all applicants globally!

Experts work remotely and get paired to some of the best Shopify projects available. The experience is full remote. Beyond that, here's what sets us apart:

  • Community (not competition): You pick your clients, projects, and never compete against other Experts in the community.
  • Endless clients & project opportunities: Some Experts are making over $200k/year just with Storetasker.
  • The top 5% of Shopify Experts: We only select highly talented devs.
  • 100% Remote: Work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Flexible: Take on as many clients as you want.
  • No external ratings: No need to rebuild your reputation from scratch. New Experts have the same opportunities as everyone else.
  • Great Software: That makes it easy to manage more clients and have significantly more billable hours.
  • Support when you need it: We offer project support 7 days per week. Think of it like freelancing with a team.


  • Ambitious part time and full-time freelancers and boutique agencies.
  • Who have a 3+ years of Shopify experience.
  • And who have freelance experience, managing projects, deadlines, and communication successfully.

Salary and Perks

$100,000 — $200,000/year
Full remote


About Storetasker

Storetasker is a highly selective freelance Shopify developer network.

Our Shopify Experts work with some of the most famous eCommerce brands for projects big and small, including: Alpha IndustriesBoll and BrachSuperfluidJack Henry, Plenaire, and JUDY

Storetasker is a highly selective freelance Shopify developer network.

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