Software Developer

Differential - permanent

United States

19 Feb

Applicants must reside in: United States

The ideal candidate for this opening is someone that has a strong passion for writing code that bring to life digital products. Developers who thrive at Differential place equal emphasis between efficiency and approachability. They flourish in a continuous delivery process where collaboration and ego-free communication is valued. We believe in developing working software throughout the entire product development process. We engage in product thinking as a team and cross functionality among product managers, designers and with our client partners. Our process aims to create original digital products and services that innovate and reshape companies.

Above all, we are focused on finding someone that we love to work with. Culture to us isn’t a ping pong table in the breakroom or some words we put up on the wall. It’s embedded in our DNA and starts with our hiring process. Regardless of your prior experience, we want to consider passionate people for this position.  

Our mission statement, core values, benefits and more can be found at

What you can expect to do:

  • Work on product teams of 3 to 9 people focused on making great digital products
  • Work iteratively and collaboratively in two-week Sprints and six-week Cycles.
  • Continuously learn and improve your technical and soft skills

Differential employees are those who:

  • Communicate effectively with clients and teammates
  • Are self-motivated
  • Learn quickly and relentlessly
  • Curious about technology and the impact it can make on the world
  • Enjoy taking ownership and responsibility for their work
  • Enjoy collaborating with others on problems

Candidates must be based in the United States, and be available for meetings during standard business hours for client and team meetings. Specific times vary based on client-specific timezone preferences.


What we’re after:

  • Passion for the whole product process. We know you will have your specific areas of focus, but we find those that are passionate about the bigger picture collaborate best with our cross-functional teams.
  • Demonstrated ability to rely on an iterative process to maintain momentum on projects. In other words - our work is never going to be perfect, and we expect you to be able to prioritize what matters most now so we can consistently and efficiently iterate and continuously deliver valuable working software.
  • Familiarity with modern development tools, libraries, and frameworks. Most of our team uses React, React Native, Redux, Node, GraphQL, Github, VS Code, CircleCI, Jest, etc.

Salary and Perks

There is flexibility in working hours but there is an expectation to be able to regularly attend client and team meetings.


About Differential

Differential is a software innovation agency. We use a startup-like approach to define, de-risk and deliver custom software solutions that solve growth problems for our clients.


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