Digital Content Writer

North Star HQ - contract

United States

07 Nov

Open to all applicants globally!

Remote 10-15 hours weekly

Opportunity for Full-Time in 90 days

An award-winning boutique social media agency is seeking a content superstar, genius power pitcher, relationship-builder, social media expert and trend spotter.

This is an excellent growth opportunity for the right individual with at least 2+ years experience as a social media coordinator or in the marketing industry. You would be working directly with the account manager and team to generate impactful campaigns, content and results.

This is a part-time job leading to a full-time opportunity with for the right fit.


  • Create story ideas and marketing strategies in a variety of industries
  • Work with our marketing team to develop email, blog and social media content
  • Research and develop expert level content variations
  • Deliver WOW results and communicate the successes in weekly meetings
  • Generate traffic and leads through content campaigns
  • Coordinate campaign details including keywords, seo tags, hashtags, text and images
  • Work closely with account manager
  • Create job assignments in project management platform
  • Write and communicate a clear brand identity
  • Source images and content to share
  • Implement strategic promotions
  • Listen to client feedback and adjust accordingly
  • Demonstrate confidence and competence in social platform, strategies and tactics when discussing project with team
  • Research potential partnership opportunities and content topics
  • Utilize our project management system to complete tasks daily


  • BA degree
  • Minimum of 2 years experience as a writer or in the marketing industry
  • Highly organized
  • Exceptional emotional intelligence skills
  • Excellent app skills (Asana and Slack)
  • Strong Communication skills both written and oral
  • Team player
  • A love for all things marketing!

Salary and Perks

Flexible part time position with competitive rates for the right applicant. Opportunity to take the position full time after 90 days.

About North Star HQ

Transforming your business through social engagement takes a fearless approach to marketing that goes beyond just getting you fans. It gets you sales. True transformation comes with making real connections and showing you care by communicating with people in a way that matters to them. It means telling an authentic story and delivering a brand message that people believe in and want to share with others.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your days searching for articles and testing marketing campaigns to see what works. Our mindful approach to marketing creates a collaborative exchange that leads to increased sales, and it can work for your company. Our process includes:

Asking you the right questions and paying careful attention to your answers. Developing a conscientious strategy with your potential customers’ needs in mind. Putting this plan into action and connecting people with your brand.

This attentive and experiential marketing strategy has proven successful across a variety of marketing platforms, including social media channels, website content, blog posts, infographics, memes and more. It has resulted in energetic communities that are faithful to the brands they love. Members of these communities take actions that include championing brands, involving others in the conversation, and buying products and services. Take a look at the numbers, and you’ll see firsthand how this strategy will lead to growth for your company.


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