Technical Writer

Collabora - contract

United Kingdom

08 Feb

Open to all applicants globally!

Identifying, describing, and communicating complex technical features and functionalities of our two products: Collabora Online and Collabora Office.


A successful candidate has:

  • Ability to independently sift through git repositories and commit logs, bugzilla, and technical specifications with the objective of compiling, summarizing and organizing information meaningfully
  • Excellent understanding of strategic importance and utility of Office Suite in collaborative and virtual projects
  • Adequate familiarity with LibreOffice, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, and similar products in productivity category
  • Familiarity with open source ecosystem, projects, and work processes
  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Curiosity and self-starter attitude
  • Disciplined, terse, crisp methodological approach in working with different pieces of information

Great to have:

  • Basic graphics and design skills for screen capture, screen recording, and tweaking images
  • Experience working with software developers in team
  • Software engineering degree or equivalent years of work experience tweaking software

Salary and Perks

Remote working contract!

About Collabora

We're a global consultancy, specializing in delivering the benefits of Open Source software to the commercial world. We enable our clients to develop the best solutions, whether writing a line of code, or shaping a longer-term strategic software development plan. By harnessing the potential of community-driven Open Source projects, and re-using existing components, we help our clients reduce time to market and focus on creating product differentiation.

Since our founding in 2005, we've been at the forefront of Open Source technology, developing solutions that power today’s leading products across a number of industry segments, included in millions of devices worldwide. Whether its the Linux Kernel or LibreOffice, our expertise spans across all key areas of Open Source software development, from graphics, multimedia and web engines, to complete, integrated solutions.

Our team of engineers and developers – nearly 100 strong – are among the most motivated and active Open Source contributors and maintainers around the world. They have a passion for technology and Open Source, a key part of our core values. When not working on client projects, Collaborans volunteer their time in their respective expertise domains and participate in the strategic planning of the Open Source projects they invest themselves into.


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