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Streamline Publishing - permanent

United States

22 Apr

Applicants must reside in: United States

Streamline Publishing is seeking a Digital Marketing Specialist for immediate full-time hire to join our team of rockstar marketers, designers, copywriters and technology experts. We are a fast-growing company (Inc. 5000) with a focus on publishing, events and e-commerce in the arts and radio broadcast space. You can see (most) of the things we do here.

Under the direction of the Marketing Project Manager, the Digital Marketing Specialist takes care of the day-to-day tasks to ensure that our online presence is (near) perfect.

Who Are You?

  • You L-O-V-E WordPress and know which themes will make a blog shine, which trusty plugin will get the job done, and achieve zen-like satisfaction from giving tired, old sites a new facelift. You have a stellar WordPress portfolio to prove it!
  • The idea of designing and sending beautiful emails to 100,000+ subscribers each day gives you a rush. The challenge of growing that list to 200,000+ makes you even more excited!
  • You are no stranger to Photoshop and can quickly design simple graphics that elevate our brands, regardless of the platform (website, email, social, etc.)
  • You are a natural problem-solver. You dont sit around sipping vanilla latts waiting for someone to spoon-feed you the answers. Youre proactive and know how to seek out the answers you need to get things done. Note: we can (and will) drop you into new software tools and expect you to figure it out!
  • You understand that not everyone gets this digital stuff so you are both professional and humble when sharing your knowledge and supporting the team. You are not above doing the little things that need to be done each and every day.
  • You are focused and take ownership of your role. Because you will be working from home, if you are easily distracted, this job is NOT for you. If you need the buzz of the office watercooler, this may not be the job for you either.
  • Your friends might call you a tech geek, which is okay because youll fit right in with our team. Were always looking for smarter ways to do things so well rely on you to bring us the latest tools to help us do bigger and better things!
  • Above all, you love new media and digital marketing. I dont mean like I mean flat out obsession. You read blogs and subscribe to podcasts about this stuff because you think its pretty damn cool (we do too!)

Responsibilities Include

  • Supporting our daily email marketing execution (ActiveCampaign / MailChimp), including compiling and sending emails, segmentation and list management, and reporting and analytics;
  • Website maintenance (WordPress), including regular content updates and necessary redesign(s);
  • Building landing pages, webinars, and membership sites (via Clickfunnels) to promote our events and product launches;
  • Maintaining our eCommerce storefronts (Shopify) to support the exponential growth of our online sales efforts;
  • Collecting, reviewing, and reporting various metrics and daily / weekly KPIs;
  • Providing general assistance as the internal digital expert, including technical support, staff training, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Collaborating with our various content producers to support the development of digital content that is relevant and engaging to our audiences;
  • Other tasks as assigned.


The Ideal Candidate

  • Has 4 7 years experience in a hands-on digital marketing role;
  • Prefers the chaos of a small entrepreneurial business vs. a corporate bureaucracy;
  • Is focused and able to maintain productivity without a structured office routine;
  • Takes ownership of their work your work is an extension of you and your dedication to perfection and continued growth;
  • Works well and efficiently under time pressure and welcomes feedback + last-minute revisions!


  • WordPress implementation rockstar (using ‘off-the-shelf’ themes and plugins);
  • Critical layout / design eye with contemporary sensibility;
  • Working knowledge of Photoshop;
  • Experience with ActiveCampaign, MailChimp or other similar email marketing provider;
  • Familiarity with ClickFunnels, LeadPages, or other drag n’ drop landing page software;
  • HTML and CSS knowledge is helpful;
  • CRM experience (InfusionSoft, SalesForce, etc.) is advantageous;
  • Cursory knowledge of SEO, social media, e-commerce, digital marketing, etc.
  • Strong opinions on what constitutes good design and bad design;
  • The ability to listen to other people’s strong opinions and willingness to change yours;
  • Sense of humor (everyone says this, but we really mean it!);
  • Ability to work flexible hours as dictated by needs, with some travel (approximately 5%);

Required Tools

  • A laptop or desktop computer that will comfortably run the latest version of Mac OS or Windows (and any necessary software) without skipping beat;
  • Consistent high-speed home internet access (for video conferencing);
  • Smart phone and / or tablet (for testing);

If you can commit to and live with these principles you’re the type of person who will be successful and help our company thrive:

  • Accountability see it, own it, solve it, do it (then celebrate it!);
  • Become part of the solution;
  • Respect for others and their feelings;
  • Act now!
  • “What else can I do?”
  • “What coaching do you have for me? What can I do better?”;
  • Take personal ownership;
  • Reject average;
  • Show others that you care;

We understand that not every person is ready for this level of commitment and we appreciate the honesty of those who decide that this is not the right place for them. On the other hand, if you are willing to commit to the Above the Line principles noted above, you would make an ideal candidate to join our mission!

Salary and Perks

This opportunity is location independent (meaning that you get to work from home) but you must be available during regular business hours (8:30am – 5pm) for maximum cross-over with the rest of our team. For this reason (and tax / hiring implications), this position is open to U.S. residents only.

As an employee, you’ll also receive medical coverage and a generous contribution to your 401(k) plan. You will be on an initial, fully paid, three-month probation period, during which you will receive advanced training related to your role. You will evaluate if this company is right for you, and we will do the same.

About Streamline Publishing

Streamline Publishing, Inc. was founded in 1986 by B. Eric Rhoads for the purpose of publishing a radio-industry trade magazine. Since that time, Streamline has grown to published multiple print and digital magazine titles in the radio broadcasting, television broadcasting and art fields, produces multiple conferences, produces books and videos , and produces multiple digital products including websites, blogs, social sites, apps, and newsletters.


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