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Only accepting applications from: United States

All positions are remote, employee positions. Boldy is hiring in 23 states, which are listed below.

This is a rewarding and exciting long term opportunity to work alongside senior level executives and successful business owners as they grow their business and make a greater difference in the world.

We are searching for experienced applicants from the United States who share our obsession with quality and outstanding service. This is a part-time employee position.

Boldly’s team of talented professionals has left behind the daily commute for the advantages of working remotely, and the flexibility that it allows them. As an experienced marketing specialist, you’ll support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives from successful companies with a wide range of marketing activities, and have the opportunity to develop new skill sets as you get exposure to a variety of companies and industries.

As a market leading premium business support company Boldly drives the success of hundreds of growing small and medium-size businesses, not for profits and international companies with Marketing support, Project Management, Executive Assistance and more—all offered on a remote basis.

This position starts at part-time with the opportunity to become full-time in due course based on performance.

For more information about our company culture and to hear from team members about their experience in roles filled with variety and new learning – visit our jobs page at

You’ll be supporting growing businesses with these kind of activities:

Content curation and social monitoring:

  • Curate content to be shared across social channels.
  • Schedule social media updates and regularly monitor social media platforms, responding to mentions, comments, and direct inquiries.
  • Help shape the company’s brand voice on social media.
  • Edit and upload blog posts on various platforms.
  • Manage email marketing campaigns.

Data and analysis:

  • Report on, analyze, and draw insights from social media metrics.

Content promotion:

  • Develop social media strategies for organic content promotion, in coordination with blog efforts.

Relationship building and engagement pipeline:

  • Drive the development and maintenance of long-term relationships with influencers, journalists, and experts in fields that align with the interests of company’s target market.
  • Use social to interact daily with community members, influencers, and members of target market.
  • Grow and manage company’s engagement pipeline:
    • Identify relevant industries or groups to target for relationship-building efforts (ex. solopreneurs, small business experts).
    • Research and identify individuals that align with those industries and interests.
    • Perform any necessary social actions (following individuals on Twitter, adding them to a private Twitter list, subscribing to their blog, etc.)
    • Interact with these individuals on social or through their blog.
    • Update the engagement pipeline with progress on relationship-building efforts.
    • Perform new research and identify new individuals ongoing.
    • Incorporate campaign-specific efforts into the engagement pipeline as needed.
      • For example, research and identify publications for company’s content piece.
      • Identify the specific journalists at those publications that would be interested in the content.
      • Interact with these individuals on social.
      • Pitch the content piece.

Boldly is currently hiring in the following 23 States:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland


  • A minimum of 7 years of experience in a marketing related position
  • Knowledgeable about native social media platforms and third-party social management tools.
  • Curious about new social trends and emerging platforms.
  • Knowledgeable about social analytics.
  • Skilled at writing copy in a brand’s voice.
  • Organized and ability to prioritize work and tasks

Salary and Perks

  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive pay (starting at $20 an hour)
  • 100% remote (work from home)
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Paid parental leave
  • Ongoing mentorship to help you succeed
  • A fun and collaborative team environment
  • Technical support
  • A positive company culture that understands work/life balance
  • An opportunity to grow with a forward-thinking organization
  • Fun company swag!

About Boldly

Get ridiculously talented executive assistants, marketers, project managers and more—without the hiring.

It used to be that to get the most talented people to work for them, companies had to find, recruit, and employ talent, with the myriad complexities hiring entails, from legal to payroll to HR administration. Or, they risked hiring independent freelancers, which comes with its own set of compliance issues and time-consuming administrative tasks. But now a change has happened.

Businesses have discovered they can subscribe to pretty much everything, saving a significant amount of time and effort. In the same way that they get software on a monthly basis without the hassles of ownership, they’re now subscribing to highly- qualified long-term staff without the hassles of employment, in a way that’s compliant.

Subscription Staffing company Boldly employs a team of world-class US based executive assistants, marketers, project managers, and more—and makes them available for business owners and executives on a fractional basis, allowing them to quickly get personally-matched remote talent for the exact number of hours they need each month with the convenience of a simple monthly payment.

Boldy is a remote-first, employee-focused company, offering its talented team the freedom to build their own schedules, work remotely, and contribute to amazing businesses while developing their own fulfilling careers.

Winners of the prestigious Great Place to Work certification and When Work Works award and featured on Entrepreneur’s 360 list for innovation and Fortune Magazine’s Best Small & Medium-Sized Companies list, Boldly is changing the way talented people and businesses work together for the better.

Get ridiculously talented executive assistants, marketers, project managers and more—without the hiring.

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