Jacqueline DeMarco


Remote since 2018

When did you start remote working?

As soon as I graduated college I went straight into the workforce with a full-time in-office position, but I was always working as a remote freelancer in my free time. In the spring of 2018, I transitioned into working as a freelancer full-time and now I always work remotely aside from the occasional client meeting. 

What did you do before you worked remotely?

Before I worked remotely I was a marketing manager at an online women's publication based in Los Angeles.

What do you do now to support yourself financially?

I'm essentially still doing the same work I was doing before. I write editorial and commercial copy for clients and also consult on marketing projects. I've tackled everything from social media and email marketing to SEO and branding. I'm particularly passionate about writing stories for publications that foster positive online communities.

How did you transition to become a remote worker?

My goal was not necessarily to work remotely or to work for myself, but after many years of freelancing on the side of my full-time positions, more and more great freelance opportunities arose that I couldn't pass up! That's when I realised it was time to make the transition to freelancing full-time.

What's a typical day in your life now?

I like to start work pretty early in the morning as I'm most productive at the beginning of the day. Because I usually start work around 7 am, I like to take a break to work out around noon. Even if I can't make it to the gym or do a full workout, I like to squeeze in a little fitness time. I also like to take a few short walks throughout the day if I'm not too busy. That way my eyes get a little break from my screen. Then it's back to work and business as usual. Aside from working from home, or anywhere I want really, my day isn't too different from a normal office job. Except now, every day is casual Friday! 

What's the thing you enjoy most about being location independent and working remotely?

The thing I enjoy most about being location independent is my ability to travel. I've worked in airports, taxis and hotels since I began working remotely. It feels pretty good to get paid while waiting out a layover. In the past few months, I've been to New York City, explored the East Coast, and went all the way to Sweden. It's easy to squeeze in a little client work while taking breaks from sightseeing!

What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

I honestly have no idea what I'm looking forward to most in the next year and that is what is so exciting about working for myself. Every day brings new opportunities and working remotely allows me to take advantage of them. I've worked with clients from around the world and I hope to continue "e-meeting" new people, traveling, and learning new skills.

What is the one thing you would advise to anyone looking to take great control of their work life?

If I had one piece of advice for people looking to take control of their work life, it would be to make a plan and execute it. Once you know what you want, figure out what you need to do to make it happen. Then just do it. It was very difficult at times for me to work a full-time job and meet freelance deadlines, but that hard work allowed me to take control of my career. Also, be patient. A lot can happen in a year or two so don't be discouraged if it takes longer than you originally expected to reach your goals.