Money Lead Editor – U.S. East Coast

Fully Remote

Only accepting applications from: United States

We’re looking for an editor who’s passionate about personal finance and all things money. Wirecutter Money provides the best financial advice without influence from partner marketing or business goals. Our guideposts are trust and transparency, down-to-earth practicality, and reader-focused recommendations. The ideal candidate will have worked in the personal finance space with a particular focus on consumer credit cards. You’ll have spent a fair bit of time focusing on SEO-driven stories and know the importance of maintaining the highest standard of accuracy for all information about products and services. You’re unapologetically reader-driven, with a desire to provide guidance and clarity in a particularly crowded space. If you’re obsessed with credit cards, love to delve into the minutiae of financial products and want to help people establish a solid financial foundation, we want to talk to you.

Job description:

  • Report to the senior editor of Money and help set content strategy for Wirecutter Money.
  • Recruit and assign projects to freelance and staff writers
  • Use data to support potential story ideas and track their performance
  • Discern what’s essential and what’s unnecessary in the category and show passion for the topic balanced by skepticism of marketing claims and unproven ideas
  • Edit multiple guides, blog posts, and other content with different writers; manage daily and monthly/quarterly deadlines; establish and maintain content workflow across tracking tools; plan and oversee product research and testing; review writers’ supporting documents and notes; edit and revise copy; and work closely with experienced Wirecutter editors to ensure the stories are up to the editorial standards we’ve established in our hundreds of guides.
  • Be a frank and forthcoming communicator; collaborate with writers rather than overwriting their work.
  • Work with senior editor and compliance manager on implementation and maintenance of credit card compliance.
  • Work with the Money team to develop useful, shareable visualizations and tools for complex information and calculations.
  • Engage with our friendly, smart community of awesome readers in comments and social media.
  • Write short form and occasional long-form content as required.


  • 3+ years of experience editing personal finance stories for a media company
  • Experience with SEO (from an editorial perspective, not technical aspects of optimization) and a sense of how to use web analytics data to make editorial decisions.
  • Strong beat knowledge of Personal Finance content and a basic knowledge of credit card compliance
  • Be passionate about giving the right advice at the right time and helping people find the right financial product.
  • An ability to help writers cut through the fine print and surface the information that readers care about and need to know.


  • An existing network of financial experts.
  • Experience working remotely, or at least with remote coworkers, is a plus.

Salary and Perks

  • Location flexible; East Coast and NYC preferred
  • This is a union position as classified by the News Guild of New York.
  • Remote working
  • Competitive compensation

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