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We're a fast growing marketing agency focused on content & SEO and we're looking for an in-house writer (must be fluent in US English) to join our content team and produce well-written creative content that attributes to the success of our clients. The successful candidate will also support the head editor manage a growing workload of editorial tasks. Our clients are fast-growth B2B SaaS companies.

We're a pro-active team of self-starters, where everyone owns their own schedules but also contributes heavily to the close-knit community that we have formed. We take extreme ownership of our own roles, at the same time as being fully supportive to other members of the team.

We expect our writers to take a journalistic approach to SEO content, which means everything we produce for our clients has passed through a brain filter and contains genuine insight so it can be considered thought leadership.

Key points

  • Us: Flying Cat Marketing, an SEO/content agency, but runs like a startup.
    • We work with B2B SaaS companies like Hotjar, Livestorm, Mixmax, and Stonly, but we also have a specialization in vacation rental/hospitality tech and work with companies like Operto, Hospitable, and Autohost
    • We're diverse and have team members living in 7 different countries. We're currently 63% women.
    • Our website
    • Our values are extreme ownership; purpose & process behind everything; always be kind and respectful; provide value & acknowledge the value other team members provide; and we have a low-ego policy.
  • Job title: In-house Writer and Sub-editor - must be fluent in US English
  • Full-time: Around 35 hours/week.
  • Start date: We aim to have someone join the team by the start of February
  • ⚠️ You must be able to invoice as a freelancer from your country, and you must be able to easily accept payment from Europe.
  • We strongly encourage BIPOC and LGBTQ applicants to apply.

About the role

Once you're onboarded and fully integrated into the core team, you will work alongside our existing team of writers (currently 2 in-house and a collection of freelancers) to write a certain number of content pieces for our clients each month, to our exacting standards. You will be trained on every one of our clients to ensure you know each of them to a T.

You'll work with the strategist, editor, and project managers to get content from brief stage to a published piece following our internal workflows, with approvals and feedback from the clients in between. You'll be invited to get on calls with clients and subject matter experts to ensure you can produce excellent content in a specific niche.

You will be expected to polish pieces from test writers who have fallen short of our standards, and respond to late-stage client feedback that necessitates any significant re-writing/additional research.

You'll take on sub-editor responsibilities including assisting the head content editor to manage editorial tasks, like proofreading content before it’s sent to the client and ensuring writers follow the established tone of voice guidelines. This means making sure all our content has a strong voice, flows well, and isn’t generic or boring to read. When you start, the editorial responsibility will be the smaller component of the role, covering vacation time for the head content editor and performing editing tasks during busy periods. But the content team is growing quickly and so is our editorial workload. This means you can expect this aspect of the role to grow rapidly.


You'll start with a company onboarding where you'll have access to a wealth of onboarding materials welcoming you onto the team and helping you learn about our values and how we work. You'll then be trained on each of our clients. You'll have the chance to meet them, write for them, and understand each one's workflow.

You'll work directly with the head content editor and the rest of the core team, including the CEO. We definitely won't just throw you in at the deep end and expect you to figure it out. We've documented each process so it can be followed time and time again, but we do hope you'll contribute to helping us improve these processes and look for improved ways of working where necessary.

Tools you will use:

  • ClickUp
  • Slack
  • Toggl
  • Google Suite: Google Docs, Gmail, and Drive
  • Loom
  • Clearscope

How We Hire

  • Apply Online. You'll be asked to provide writing samples and a video in your application.
  • Application review. Your application will be reviewed by our Ops Manager
  • Interviews. You'll have 3 interviews in total:
    • The first interview with our Ops manager to get a feel for each other and ask any initial questions
    • A second interview with our Head Editor to talk business
  • Test project. After your first two interviews, we will ask you to complete a written test article. This will be paid at our test rate of €100, whether we continue with your application or not.
  • Final interview. with our CEO so you can get a better feel for the company/culture, and so we can see if we'd be a good fit for each other.
  • You’re in! After the interview process, we'll discuss it internally and make a choice.
  • Onboarding. You'll have a full and thorough onboarding process and training. You'll be able to shadow your peers and be shadowed by them before you go off on your own.


  • US English fluency: You’re a fluent speaker and writer of US English. This is a must and applicants that do not write fluently in US English will not be considered.
    • Editing: You’re a ruthless editor who knows how to cut out the fluff and get the heart of the matter. Prior professional editing experience is a big plus but not essential.
    • Communication: You must be able to communicate clear, actionable feedback to others to help nurture writers and reduce time spent editing.
    • You’re a kick-ass writer: You know what good writing looks like. Experience as a content writer for SaaS companies is a big plus. You take a journalistic approach and can follow a brief that is based on SEO.
    • A storyteller: You connect the dots.
    • Detail-oriented
    • Have an ability to draw out an interesting point from a not so interesting topic
    • SEO knowledge
    • Open to receiving candid feedback
    • Able to follow processes (include the code phrase I am the one in your application)
  • Location: 100% remote but we prefer US time zones with some overlap in Europe. You'll manage your own time, but there should be some kind of overlap in "office hours" we can count on.

Experience that will really help you get noticed, but isn't required

  • Experience in journalism/a research background
  • Experience interviewing subject-matter experts
  • Understanding of SaaS
  • Knowledge of the short-term rental industry
  • Active on LinkedIn

Is this a good fit for me?

We want to find the best of the best, and we aim to give that back to our employees. There's a great chance that we'll match if you...

  • Want to make a real impact. We grew from 2 to 11 people in under 1 year, and you're one of the many hires we'll be making this quarter. Things are moving very fast, and everyone has been able to contribute to shaping this company. You'll feel valued and you're opinion matters
  • Want to grow, fast. We're currently building out the whole content department so there will be room for quick progression into editorial and leadership positions. We're open to ideas and growth not only in the content you'll write but also internally
  • Love being surrounded by lots of smart, supportive, and diverse people. We handpick the team based on morals, work ethic, skill set, and experience. We don't just want to fill seats.
  • Love following processes. Of course, you'll have creative freedom in the content that you write, but we are a very process-driven company and have a plethora of examples and SOPs to follow. You are highly encouraged to contribute to these and come up with your own ideas that the team can implement
  • You don't want a typical 9 - 5. We believe strongly in a healthy work / life balance and we don't work weekends or late nights. But when we're at work we give it our all. We contribute and are proactive and it's a fast-paced environment where there's always an exciting new project on the cards.

We strongly encourage BIPOC and LGBTQ applicants to apply.

Salary and Perks

  • Work culture: Lots of ownership, accountability, support, processes, and really nice and smart people. We have a #wins channel where everyone gives shout-outs to one another. We encourage each other's growth and respect each other's boundaries.
  • Compensation: €27k - €35k /year
    • Free access to mental health therapists
    • Profit-sharing
    • Unlimited PTO
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About Flying Cat Marketing

🚀 SEO-driven content marketing agency for SaaS. Fluff-free, high-impact content that creates qualified inbound leads.

🚀 SEO-driven content marketing agency for SaaS. Fluff-free, high-impact content that creates qualified inbound leads.

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