Croissant is the app that gives you hourly access to inspiring co-working spaces, on the go. Try new co-working spaces or drop by your comfortable favourites. Croissant membership allows you to be productive wherever your life takes you.


Croissant is the clever new way to be productive on the go. They've partnered with over 350 workspaces in NYC, SF, London, Berlin, and beyond, and bundled them into one membership. Members love the flexibility and versatility of Croissant because they can explore their city while staying productive.

How does it work?

Does the membership gives access to all locations or is it tied to one specific location?

What cities can I use Croissant in?

Why we 💖 Croissant

We love the concept, the company and all the amazing branding. Croissant has partnered with many of the best co-working spaces around the world which makes them a really convenient choice if you travel frequently.

We love the fact they make it easy for remote workers to get access to work space whenever they're on the move - it's perfect for the modern day remote worker 😉

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