Behere is the platform for women to live in cities around the world, a month at a time. Simply choose your private, furnished apartment, creative workspace and fitness studio, to start living in cities all across Europe and Asia. Plus, a Behere membership includes a local host, community events and networking in locations around the world. Your life isn't in one place anymore, why should you be.


Behere makes living abroad a breeze. With over 2,000 partners in 12 cities and growing, your new home, workspace and fitness studio are just a click away. Forget hours of research, foreign landlords, long-term contracts and large deposits. Behere allows you to maintain your routine, no matter where life takes you.

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Why we 💖 Behere

Behere has made it easier than ever for women to live around the world, one month at a time. By providing accommodation, workspace and gyms Behere makes it so you really can live and work like a local with zero hassle in some of the most exciting cities on earth. We look forward to seeing where this exciting company goes!

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